Welcome to the Web 2.0

BINEX is a challenging Project that will disrupt several Markets, such as the App developpement and the Cloud Industry. The potential is overwhelming.​
Most decentralization projects are based on the Blockchain. On the contrary, the Binex technology decentralizes Cloud resources natively.
Binex encompasses all aspects of Apps and Dapps creation from editing and programming to hosting.
Binex is just about to revolution the Blockchain.


Today, Apps developement is challenging and segmented into fields of competencies. We observe a shortage of qualified developers as the need for Apps increases.

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Decentralized cloud

With BINEX, the internet is truly decentralized. It depends on neither datacenters based infrastructure nor any organisation to run.

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Meet the NextGen 3D Blockchain: the BlockMesh

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fall in love with our features


Code in any language, from any machine, for any hardware. Our App developement system is truly agnostics.

Truly decentralized

Distributes data storage capacity, bandwidth and CPU/GPU calculations across any machines.

Amazingly Fast

Our peer-to-peer networks bring unprecedented levels of performances to the internet.


50% energy savings obtained through infrastructure distribution (no need for cooling) and software optimizations.

Cross Platform

Runs non all type of equipment (Window Servers/PCs, Linyx, iOS and Androïd devices, Arduino, etc...).

Fully scalable

Our infrastructure is not limited to traditional datacenters. We harness resources from any device e.g. existing servers, IoTs, phones, computers.

Versatile & Easy to use

Extremely easy to use and versatile. Use cases are unlimited !

Ultra secure

Native security layer.
Users get back in control of their data.

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