Distributed Infrastructures

We harness IT resources from any hardware devices to power autonomous mesh Cloud and Network Infrastructures.

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Regain Control over your data
Say goodbye to AWS and azure

How it Works

Harness resources from any machine to power decentralized network infrastructures.

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Use Cases

Smart City

Deploying ambient connectivity and sovereign Cloud platforms through lamppost infrastructures.

Video Streaming

Use a combinations of any servers and/or devices to deliver your media contents.

Big Data & IA

Run Big Data & AI computations whilst the date is still scattered across the IoT devices.

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Cross Platform

Runs on all type of equipment (Window Servers/PCs, Linux, iOS and Androïd devices, Arduino, etc...).​

Versatile & Easy to Use

Extremely easy to use and versatile. Use cases are unlimited !

Fully Scalable

Our infrastructure is not limited to traditional datacenters as we harness resources from any device.​

Amazingly Fast

Our peer-to-peer networks bring unprecedented levels of performances to the internet. ​

Truly Decentralized

Distributes data storage capacity, bandwidth and CPU/GPU calculations across any machines

Ultra Secure

Native security layer. Users get back in control of their data.


Manage all your devices and your platforms from a single dashboard.

Implement the services of your choosing: CDN infrastructure, Secure storage, web hosting, etc.


Our Values


A fast Internet at an affordable price for everyone.

BINEX brings unprecedented levels of performance and accessibility (e.g. the world’s fastest video streaming).


Users regain the sovereignty of their Data stored on decentralized infrastructures.

The Internet no longer depends on Data Centers controlled by a handful of organizations.


50% Energy savings v.s. traditional Data Center solutions.

High efficiency and the absence of need for cooling the machines (geographic distribution of equipment)

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