Art1 Install Binex

Install BINEX
Create Binary Node

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Install BINEX on any Machine or Virtual Machine to create a Binary-NODE.

It takes only a couple of minutes to install BINEX. 3 different ways are possible (check compatibility to find out which way is best for you).

Method 1 : using NodeJS and NPM

Ideal for Linux / Windows (server & PC) / iOS / Androïd / (check compatibility table here).

  1. Install NodeJS if needed
  2. Install BINEX directly from NPM.

</> npm install -g binex

Method 2 : using SNAP (check website here)

Ideal for Linux and IoT.

  1. Install Snap if needed

</> apt-get install snapd

2.   Then

</> snap install binex

Method 3 : using the Binex Installer 

Coming soon in June 2018.

MASS DEPLOYMENT : Contact Us for easy Mass Deployment.