The Blockchain 3.0

Scalable, Fast, 3D, New Generation, Easy to use, Universal Blockchain

The problems we solve

A set of innovations solving the main crypto challenges



Handle as many transactions as you want without impacting performance.

Traditional Blockchain technologies can’t scale because the chain of blocks gets bigger with every transaction.

The BlockMesh can handle an unlimited amount of transactions. Its architecture reorganizes itself to keep a constant size regardless of the number of transactions.



We reviewed Blockchain Concepts to complete over 1 Million Transactions per second.

Traditional Blockchains are slow and get slower and slower.  As the blockchain grows the Nodes have to run through more data to calculate the wallet’s balance.

The BlockMesh is extremely fast and reaches over 1 Million transaction/s. The validation protocol doesn’t require more calculations with time.


True Decentralization

Taking decentralization to a new level by removing smart contracts and mining “choke points”.

Traditional Blockchain platform are not completely decentralized. Smart contracts are executed (for a fee) on the off-chain platform and the miners regroup their efforts through mining pools.

The BlockMesh truly decentralized because both the consensus protocol and smart contracts are executed on a decentralized network.


Transcend the Net

The Internet can be shut down but the BlockMesh runs on autonomous Mesh Networks.

Traditional Blockchain technologies rely on the Internet, which can be shut down by states end organizations (ISPs, etc…).

The BlockMesh run on autonomous Mesh Networks, which can’t be stopped without the physical disabling of every physical node.


Cost Control

FREE Smart contrat execution. Stay in control of your infrastructure costs.

Traditional Blockchain platform charge a fee for smart contracts execution (e.g. gas on Eth). Users can’t control their costs due to a complex pricing structure.


Smart contracts execution is FREE on the BlockMesh platform.


Facilitating Adoption

The BlockMesh removes the barriers preventing the general public to adopt crypto DApps.

Traditional Blockchain platforms’ limitations jeopardize Mass Market Adoption. In addition to having limitations, platforms rely on specific code to develop DApps.

The BlockMesh is the perfect platform to develop “killer DApps” that will fast forwards Mass Market Adoption. In addition to removing technological barriers, the BlockMesh platform allow simple JS code execution, so millions of developers are already trained to use it.



Simple JS Smart Contracts structure that can Interact with any system or blockchain.  

Traditional Blockchains lack standards so they can't interact. Results from a particular Smart Contrat execution are limited to a particular Blockchain Environment.


The BlockMesh execute any type of code directly into the Network. Therefore it is universal and achieves true interoperability, which is essential to unleash the power of a true crypto revolution.



Avoid thePoW Mining environmental disaster with our consensus protocols.

Traditional Blockchain platform are based on a particular consensus protocol. The mining operations used in the PoW are a disaster for the environment, which needs to be addressed.

With the BlockMesh platform, users can choose the most appropriate protocol (PoW, PoS, DPoS & RDPoS) to suit their needs. The Random Delegate Proof os Stake protocol invented by BINEX is particularly energy efficient. 

Start your own BlockMesh it's easy !

Start a private BlockMesh system on your own infrastructure in less than a week.