Decentralized Cloud


The Internet 3.0

Decentralized, Distributed, Cross-Platform, Autonomous, Mesh, Ultra-Performant, Universal, Easy to Use Networks
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BINEX is the first cloud OS.
harness machines' resources to power Autonomous Mesh networks.

BINEX Cloud-OS (C-OS) powers Cloud Platforms.

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Say goodbye to AWS and Azure

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Regain control over your data


Cross-platform / works with all OS and hardware.

Fall in love with our features


Code in any language, from any machine, for any hardware. Our App developement system is truly agnostic.

Truly decentralized

Distributes data storage capacity, bandwidth and CPU/GPU calculations across any machines.


50% energy savings obtained through infrastructure distribution (no need for cooling) and software optimizations.

Versatile & Easy to use

Extremely easy to use and versatile. Use cases are unlimited !

Cross Platform

Runs on all type of equipment (Window Servers/PCs, Linux, iOS and Androïd devices, Arduino, etc...).

Fully scalable

Our infrastructure is not limited to traditional datacenters as we harness resources from any device.

Amazingly Fast

Our peer-to-peer networks bring unprecedented levels of performances to the internet.

Ultra secure

Native security layer.
Users get back in control of their data.

How it works

The DApps allocate functions to each Binary Nodes to obtain a fully Distributed Cloud.

- 1 -

create bINARY nodes

Install BINEX on your machines to create and manage B-Nodes.

- 2 -

allocate dapps.

Each B-Node can run a selection of Cloud Management DApps.

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Customize your Cloud Network as you wish. Possibilities are endless.

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*Ware Install : install BINEX over any OS in any hardware/VM-ware


 – INSTALL BINEX for FREE IN ANY MACHINE TO CREATE A B-NODE and expend your distributed platform. It works on all harware or VM and over any OS (Linux, Windows Server & PC, Mac, iOS, Androïd, etc… check compatibility).

 – Allocate custom tags to each B-Node (geographic location, equipment and access rights categories, etc…).

 – Mass deployment can be executed through all standard package managers and image managers (NPM, Snap, Docker, Aptitude, etc…).

- 2 -

allocate FUNCTIONS

Use your B-Nodes to run Cloud Management Functions and power your Network.

Dapp Storage2


Allocate B-Node Data Storage resources to your Platform.


- Manage C.R.U.D. functions.


- Handle any file type with no size limit.


- Security: the Data is stored in a secure compartment (JAIL) in the B-Node.

Dapp Monitoring


Gather information from each B-Node equipment:

Storage, RAM, CPU state and utilization% / Response Time /  Up/Down status / etc...


Main purposes :

1. Network Monitoring (Reporting).

2. Feed the Load-Balancing DApp with Network status data.

Dapp LB


- Finds the most efficient way to send the data to the Client. The LB DApp Identifies the B-Node that should deliver the data or handle a request.

- Use default configuration or create your own rules to take B-Node Tags (i.e. B-Node Type) and Network Monitoring DApp (resources availability)  information into consideration.

- Bandwidth & routing optimization: the data is delivered directly from the identified delivery server to client without travelling through the load-balancers.

Dapp Compute


Use your B-Node CPU and GPU resources to execute code and return the results.


Ideal to distribute complex computations across several machines.


Works on several threads simultaneously. 


- Replicate the Data across several Storage B-Nodes.

- Select predefined Points of Storage or create selection rules based on B-Node tags.

- Decide how many copies should be created.

- Run alongside with the Network Monitoring and the Load-balancing DApps to automatically replicate the data across a new point of storage should a B-Node go off-line.

- Manages the backups across all replication points.

Dapp Split


Split data files into a customizable number of pieces.


Works alongside with the Network Monitoring and the  Load Balancing DApps to ensure that file's pieces are spread across the Points of Storage.


Works alongside with the Backup & Replicate DApp to replicate each file's pieces across the Network.

Dapp Crypto


Apply AES 256 Encryption to your Data.

Dapp Firewall


Adds a Firewall functionality to the B-Nodes.

For advanced users only.


Stream the B-Node contents in binary format (compatible with all file types).

Ultra-fast: our test show response times below the fastest CDN known to date.

Video/Audio formats such as mp4/mp3 are read directly in the web browsers, so you don't need any additional reader to have a cross-platform streaming solution.

Ideal to build a highly performant CDN.

Dapp Cast


Anycast & Geocast functionalities. 

dapp DB


Store Dynamic Contents on your Network with the DB DApp. 

Dapp BlockMesh


Configure your own Blockchain in a few minutes and use your Binary-Cloud to power it.


FAST & SCALABLE, can handle large amount of transactions per second.


Manage Smart Contracts and other object in the Blockchain (code, etc...).


The BlockMesh DApp is a full package. Includes all the functionalities (Storage, Network Monitoring, Load Balancing, etc...) to run the Blockchain over your Binary-Nodes.


Learn more

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Unlimited Use-Cases and Possibilities

Allocate specifics DApps to your Network B-Node. Each DApps comes with settings to let you configure your platform exactly as you want.

Possibilities are endless, e.g. :

   – CDN streaming platforms.

   – Share existing IT infrastructure resources between several sites.

   – Backup you data where you want.

– Agregate as many disks as you want to obtain a large storage platform (machine learning).

   – Use existing infrastructure to power Apps Cloud platforms.

   – Run IoT Open Platforms directly from the objects themselves – no need to pay expensive datacentre hosting solutions anymore.

Amazing Features !

The Data Management DApp turns the Binary Nodes into Points of Storage that act together as a Distributed Data Serveur.

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Install BINEX to create B-Nodes

Cross-Platform & Distributed

*Ware Network

– Managing data has never been so easy. BINEX is a Universal Cloud OS, so you don’t have to worry about hardware and software compatibilities anymore.

– The Binary Nodes that execute the Cloud Management DApps can be installed on any hardware and over any OS. So, all machines available can bring storage, RAM, bandwidth and CPU resources to power your Platform.

– You are fully in control : decide which machines or VM execute which functionality. For exemple, you can decide to replicate the data on a group of IoT devices or on a couple of servers. The choice is yours. 

unlimited customization

*need Solution

Build you dream Cloud architecture with our API. It is easy to use  and gives you total control over the configuration. 

Manage your entire web-platform from a single API. No need to add numerous stacks to obtain what you want to achieve. Use-cases are unlimited.

 Access Rights determine which users have access to a File and/or a Binary Node.

fully scalable

*size platforms

Install BINEX on as many machines as you want to create Binary Nodes and run Cloud Management DApps.

Wether you want to create new points of storage or use your equipment’s unused resources, there is a DApp for you.

Absolute hardware abstraction: combine data storage capacity from multiple type of equipment (Servers, PCs, Devices, IoTs) to obtain a global and unified platform.

universal data format

File.* compatible

Compatible with all file formats (present and future).

Manage files of unlimited size !

BINEX is a universal solution because our technology handles the data @ binary level.


peer-to-peer streaming

ultra fast *Content Streaming

Points of Storage assure static contents delivery through peer-to-peer Streaming.

– Ideal for Video/Audio streaming platforms. 

–  ULTRA FAST. The single stack technology (all the DApps function are managed through a single API) replaces approx. 20 stacks of traditional CDN architecture. These gains combined from bandwidth optimization bring unprecedented performance levels. Our mesures show that we obtain the world’s fastest streaming solution ; i.e. even faster than existing CDN solutions.

ultra secure

BINEX adds its own security layer to the Points of Storage. The system ensures that all application layers are segmented in isolated compartments. 

This JAIL TECHNOLOGY was tested with a HACKING CHALLENGE attended by Multinational IT groups, Cyber Security companies and Hacking networks. After 100 MILLION ATTEMPTS nobody managed to crack the system.

Not convinced, have a go at it? The challenge is still opened:

In addition, the system benefits from the existing hardware security layer (e.g. Point of Storage hosted in a data centre benefit from all the security layers already in place) and is compatible with traditional security measures (e.g. AES 256 encryption).


June 2018 : BETA Version LAUNCH @contact us for more info

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beta version launch in june 2018