Blockchain Training programme

Starting in April 2018

BINEX 2018 Blockchain Trainig Programme
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1. Understand the Blockchain,
and, identify use cases relevant to your business.
2. Get started with the pratical course to implement the solution.

2 Complementary modules
with Great Features

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Business Introduction to the Blockchain

You will learn about the Blockchain technology, the ecosystem and the main concepts behind it. We will also dig into practical business use cases and help you identify opportunities and areas of development applicable to your industry.

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Practical Course

The second Module is very practical and focusses on blockchain implementation. You will learn to implement a token and to code your first smart contract (minimum pre-requisite: Javascript intermediate level).

Module 1:

Blockchain Concepts & Use Cases

– Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin
– The first days. From Mt Gox to the Silk Road (the good, the bad and the ugly). 
– What is the Blockchain ?

– Immutability & Decentralization
– Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS),
– Permitted v.s. Open Blockchains.

– Ethereum : making the Blockchain dynamic.
– Smarts contracts
– Solidity language

– The DAO
– ICOs

– The main token types
– Their functionalities

– The main Crypto-Currencies
– Exchanges : Binance, Coinbase, ShapeShift, etc…

– Use Cases by Industry Sector (Legal, Banking, Distribution, Energy, etc…)
– Brainstorming session : identifying use cases for your industry.

– A few words on the legislation.
– The future of the Blockchain

Module 2:

Practical Course

1. La blockchain
2. les crypto-monnaies et les tokens

1. Walthrough
2. Caracterisctics
3. ERC20 and ERC721tolkens
4. ICOs

1. Les outils
2. Créer une adresse
3. Utiliser un Faucet

1. Se familiariser avec l’IDE
2. Premier pas avec le langage
3. Le premier Smart Contract

1. Déclencher une action
2. Enregistrer une donnée sur la blockchain